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Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book.

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a WordPress.com blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

My friend Shev. We lived together for three years during university, and she knows me pretty well. But the main reason I’d like her to write my biography is because of the conversation below, which makes me laugh every time I read it… Whilst I can’t promise it would be the most exciting of biographies, it would certainly be accurate [don’t judge me!]. Failing that, I’d like Louis De Bernieres or Nick Hornby to write it. They have a great mix of absurdity, witticism, and character-led writing. 

This does feel like a slightly lazy blog post, but that’s because the answer came to me virtually instantaneously.

Over and out. 

Ruth: Too comfy… Can’t move…
Shev: This status summarises you better than anything I’ve ever seen. Also I think it should be the title of your second autobiography (after Where Are All the Teaspoons?)
Ruth: I really need to stop looking at comments whilst on the train.. I’m becoming the weird girl who laughs on the train…
Shev: Chapter 1-25 of Where Are All the Teaspoons? will consist mostly of tales regarding Ruth’s constant struggle to escape her duvet in order to start writing.
Shev: I love the idea of 25 chapters of just Ruth trying to get out of bed. The next 25 will just be Ruth trying to get someone to make her a cup of tea.
Ruth: I’d think of a witty come back… but it’s all true. “As i lay there wrapped in my duvet cocoon and too comfy to move, i thought to myself, ‘is there anything better in the world than a duvet?’ Then a new thought came to me, ‘A cup of tea AND a duvet, that’s what! Now… who can i text?’
Ruth: It would clearly be a best seller.
Shev: Coming soon: 2013’s most action-packed thriller.
Ruth: i’m still in bed typing this. just thought you should know.
Shev: I assume you are in bed 100% of the time unless I’m told otherwise.
Ruth: Lol. I love the thought of teaching from my bed…
Shev: May be perhaps a little inappropriate. But if someone is ever going to work out a way to do it, it will be you.
Ruth: Guys… Bad news… I’m going to have to GET OUT OF BED AND LEAVE THE FLAT in order to go buy food… THE HORROR!!!!!!!! hope i don’t get altitude sickness from standing up.
Shev: Let us know you survive the ordeal.