Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

I’m back! I haven’t written for a while, as I’ve been in the midst of final deadlines at uni. But today’s daily prompt really fascinated me.

If I could enact one single law, what would it be?

…If it was a wish I wouldn’t have a problem – get Michael Gove fired, win the lottery, own a pet unicorn, be able to fly – the possibilities are endless (as the advert goes)!

But a law is more complicated than that. It has repercussions outside of my life – potentially serious consequences for the entire nation – and that requires some consideration. On asking friends, I got various responses including ‘ban all additives so i don’t have to question what i’m eating’ or ‘more funding for the arts’, or ‘tourists should be made to walk at the same pace as locals’. These are all interesting ideas, and I’d certainly be on board with most of them. But, for me, if I’ve only got one law, I’d like it ideally to be something that benefits the majority of people.

My first thought was tolerance. A friend of mine recently sent me an example of some ridiculously ignorant [to the point of suspecting he wasn’t being serious] racism that he was subjected to during a bus journey to work**. And I’d love to be able to outlaw all forms of racism, along with sexism, ageism, homophobia, and religious intolerance. The ‘Live And Let Live’ Law. But this has it’s limitations. I mean, yes I want general tolerance, but how far-reaching would it be? I recently had a conversation with someone who was of the opinion that ‘bestiality is really no worse than killing an animal to eat it. It’s still hurting an animal for human benefit’. Whilst I agree with the logic, the sentiment makes me rather [very!] uncomfortable. And equally, some people think that murdering others is OK, and complete tolerance would mean allowing them to do so. Ultimately it seems inevitable that this attitude would end in anarchy, and that wouldn’t benefit anyone.

So my final thought is – I don’t want the power or the responsibility of coming up with a new law. NEXT.

**For those of you that are interested, it was as follows:

“I just had the funniest conversation with a drunk racist. I had to sit next to him since the bus was full. When I sat down he immediately said “don’t sit here!” and I asked why and he said “germs”.Me: “YOU have germs?”

Him: “No, you do!”

Me: “Oh, right…I don’t feel ill, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Him: “You want a slap?! Get up!”

Me: “No, you cant tell where to sit; it’s a bus”.

Then nothing for a while.

Him: “You should wear a turban and be a Guru Nanak.”

I died.

Me: “I don’t imagine I would suit a turban, mate, but thanks for the suggestion.”

Other people sniggering.

Him: “Are you a suicide bomber?”

Me: “Nah, it’s my day off, see you later mate, love you forever.”

I got off the bus.”


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