Daily Prompt: Never

I haven’t responded to one of these Daily Prompts before, but this one sparked my interest. However, I spent most of the afternoon (whilst I was meant to be paying attention to a lecture on adolescence) racking my brains trying to think of something that I would never post about. I’m naturally a very open and honest person – many of my friends would say too much so – and I’ve been known to get into trouble for this trait in the past.

Then I realised – although I’ll warn you it’s not particularly groundbreaking – that I would never post about my romantic relationships. As much as people have encouraged me to do it, and the temptation is there (blogs about dating are normally pretty popular) it could potentially cause a lot of problems.

As a teacher, I would potentially be risking my job if such a blog was to be found by my students.

As a daughter, I would hate to think I might embarrass my parents in any way by writing in detail about my private life on the internet – I respect them, and I feel I need to make decisions about my life which honour this respect, rather than failing to think about my actions and potentially making their lives difficult. After all, I know that for their part they wouldn’t intentionally want to embarrass me, even if they do frequently manage it accidentally…

But the main reason why I don’t want to post about these things is that there are some things in life that I think are better kept private. I may choose to share certain facts with very close friends (normally if I want a second opinion on something or extra ammo in an argument!), but part of what makes being in a relationship special is the private moments that you share with that other person. Whether this is sharing a joke, a duvet, or a holiday, there are some things that the whole world does not need to know about in detail. And what’s more, I would hate for the entirety of my own behaviour to be released to public scrutiny on the internet, so I choose to show my partners that same courtesy. We all say things without thinking, do things that we later regret and make decisions based on momentary poor judgement or inexperience, and I can’t help but think that immortalising such instances on the web would, if anything, only make these situations worse. There are some things that you don’t want to be reminded of forever-more!

(Also, to be honest, most of it wouldn’t be very interesting)


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