So, yesterday I had 590 people visit my blog.
Well, that was unexpected.

I started RuthRambles as a bit of fun, somewhere to have the occasional rant and air my opinions – mostly to stop me being tempted to do so at work. Apparently it’s unprofessional or something, when you’re “educating young minds”. And now I’m struggling to get my head around the fact that suddenly 600 people are actually reading what I have to say!

Nevertheless, I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. I’d love to hear any suggestions / general stylistic comments about my writing that you have to offer – I’m fairly new to this whole thing, and I’m pretty much just playing it by ear.

I hope you like what you’ve read so far. And if not, well, don’t be too hard on me. I’m only a music teacher and not a writer, after all.

Ruth x


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