A few years ago, my mother discovered knitting. Well, rediscovered really. Since then, it’s not a birthday without a pair of brightly coloured socks, and it’s not Christmas without them either. In fact, some of the more ungrateful amongst my family members might be tempted to say ‘get a new knitting pattern!’ but we are all very thankful for our toasty warm feet really.

These socks (let’s be honest, they’re quite hard to miss) are now so infamous amongst mine and my brothers’ friends that she’s started taking requests. If she likes you enough, she might even make you a customised pair with the design of your choice. And if you’re really, really lucky, she’ll make you a matching pair of gloves…

So as I turn 24 on the 24th, thanks for borning me, and thanks for keeping me in socks (and blankets and scarves and gloves)!


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