Ten reasons to love Eurovision


1. The costumes… See Ukraine, 2007:Image

For more excellent examples, check out this link:


2. The fact that it doesn’t matter what genre of music your song fits into, you can still compete – and win. See Lordi, 2006, with their song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’. And their costumes made a nice change from the standard ‘attractive woman in a white dress’ which has plagued Eurovision in recent years. Good work, Finland.

3. The cameos –  from Dita Von Teese (who appeared with Germany’s entry in 2009), to Tatu performing for Russia in 2003, and Andrew Lloyd Webber accompanying the UK’s entry in 2009, you never quite know who might appear on the Eurovision stage…

4. The gimmicks –  This years most talked about gimmick is probably that of the tallest man in America carrying the Lithuanian entry on to the stage, although the Finnish act, who has been wearing a wedding dress during all interviews for the past week and caused controversy with a lesbian kiss during her song, is running a close second. Previous gimmicks include ice skaters, fairies on unicycles, a violinist on a spinning podium, a 95 year old man playing the double bass, and some Russian grannies standing around an oven… For those who aren’t too confident about their song, this is definitely the way forward.

5. The commentary. The more acerbic the better. It’s all said with affection!

7. SO LUCKY!! *

6. ESL Pop  – There are some things that just don’t translate. Examples include this years Lithuanian entry “because of the shoes i’m wearing today, one’s called love and the other’s called pain”, and the Moldovan entry from last year “you have never been to my show you’ve never seen before how looks my trumpet”.

8. The snapshots between the songs. Each year is more bizarre than the last, and yet I still immediately feel the need to go on holiday to that years host country.

9. That moment of joy when there’s a song you would actually consider listening to again willingly. Although admittedly, it does spoil the fun a little. Lena’s Satellite is my personal choice in this category.

10.The symbolism.  As much as it’s become the voting is political, the songs are often terrible, and there are far too many women in white dresses, the sentiment behind it is pretty nice. Europe coming together, showcasing our different cultures, and generally having a smashing time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a song contest to watch.

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