EUROVISION… better than Christmas??!


So, in honour of my favourite weekend of the year, here’s my list of Top Ten  Five Six Eurovision Moments:

1. 1996: One of my earliest memories of Eurovision is Gina G and her classic Eurovision tune ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit‘. I was 7, not allowed to stay up past the songs, and have loved Eurovision ever since. She came in 8th place overall, but reached number 1 in the UK charts – the last Eurovision song to do so. Bring back Gina, that’s what I say!

2. 1997: WE WON! Not quite sure what Katrina and the Waves had that Gina G didn’t (she was robbed!), but still a great achievement. Even at 8, I was fiercely competitive. 1996 was also the year of the Boyzone school bag, and so that year’s Eurovision ranks doubly highly due to the presence of Ronan Keating as host… In fact, it could only have been improved to my 8 year old mind by the presence of dancing leprechauns. Nice work, Ireland.

3. 1994: My absolute earliest memory of Eurovision – Riverdance performing during the interval. I spent the next year practicing my moves in front of the Riverdance video that my mum bought for me… I even had a copycat black velvet dress (from ASDA – the things you remember!). Michael Flatley became my second favourite Irishman. But remember, don’t move those arms!

4. 2010: Skipping ahead a bit here. There were some CRACKING songs this year, and I watched the show with some CRACKING people, too. Lena’s song ‘Satellite’ was a deserving winner, and there’s a special shout out to Tom Dice’s ‘Me and My Guitar’ which got my housemates and I through a traumatic all-nighter, spent making a scrapbook for a very special Frenchman before he abandoned us to move to Australia [Yes, we bought the album and we’re not ashamed to say so!!!]. Sob. Altogether now: “Bought new underwear for you, light blue – wore it just the other day!” …Actually on second thoughts, that quote probably gives the wrong impression of our relationship with said Frenchman.

5. 1998: Dana International. Eurovision proves that music can overcome prejudice once again – Dana International, a transgender woman from Israel, wins with her song Diva. Can someone please explain to me why Israel gets to enter a European song competition though? I’ve been a devoted follower of Eurovision for 15 years and I still don’t know!

6. 2011: This was the year of Moldova’s crazed, unicycling, trumpet-playing Gnomes. Their song ‘So Lucky’ perfectly sums up all of the reasons I love watching Eurovision: catchy, creative and just a little bit wacky! This was also the first year I’ve had a proper Eurovision party – a great idea that I recommend if you are a Eurovision fan. Each guest picked a country, came dressed in national garb (or in my case, a Union Jack dress a la Geri Halliwell) and brought native food. Epic. My personal highlight was a friend who decided to represent Germany discovering that the Lederhosen he ordered online were made of PVC, and wearing them anyway. Hot 😉

What is your favourite Eurovision moment?


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